What is State?

State is an opinion network that hosts an organised global conversation for whatever you’re into. It’s a place where all views get the chance to make an impact, respectful communities thrive and the best commentary is promoted to a global audience.

The State platform intelligently captures, interconnects and organises people’s opinions and conversations based on shared tastes, no matter where they originate. Our goal is to become an open and neutral layer that connects content and communities around shared interests in a simple and engaging interface.

State has a world-class team committed to making the the web more open and democratic. We’re led by Jawbone founder Alex Asseily and our team boasts of several technology wizards hailing from Google, Skype, Yahoo, Nokia and PeerIndex. Our advisors include web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, acclaimed author Deepak Chopra, and Upworthy founder, Eli Pariser.

Like our mission? Join us! jobs@state.com