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What is State?

State is an intelligent opinion network that ensures that every opinion is not just captured, but counted & seen. State finds people with similar beliefs who want to join forces and make waves. Our mission is to organise the world’s opinion for positive change.

We believe that everyone deserves an equal voice. Social media networks today are for the famous and the followed: State’s technology has been developed to find the right community for every opinion. Unlike other networks, where most opinions are lost in real time posting or limited to audiences of family and friends, every opinion on State gets counted and circulated to people keenly interested in creating a dialogue around the same issues.

We’re led by Jawbone founder Alex Asseily and our team boasts of several technology wizards hailing from the likes of Skype and PeerIndex. Our advisors include world wide web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, acclaimed author Deepak Chopra, and Upworthy founder, Eli Pariser.

Like our mission? Join us! jobs@state.com