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Spark a conversation. Join a discussion. Your one-liners are as welcome as your considered essays. On State, all thoughts look great and have an equal chance of shaping the conversation.

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What’s in it for me?

Exactly what we promised - you can express your opinion and spark conversation on anything. You can also explore and read the full spectrum of views on topics you care about. Our job is to make your thoughts look good and to give them the best possible chance of reaching a relevant audience. On State, it’s what you think that matters, not who you know.

We built State so that everyone could participate in the conversation in their own unique way:

  • If you like to share opinions and spark a discussion

    you can create an opinion on any topic of your choice with a headline and an image. It will automatically find the best audience on State to spark a conversation.

  • If you enjoy watching a good argument and occasionally prodding

    you can see discussions on topics of interest unfold in front of you; jump in with your point-of-view whenever you like, or just read what others have to say about that issue.

  • If you’re an activist, organiser or a group motivator

    distribute your thoughts and ideas to the relevant audience; have nuanced discussions on any issue and find other like-minded people around the world.

  • If you’ve already got a web site or a blog

    you can add State’s amazing capabilities to it; State can live on your site and you can boost engagement and the quality of interactions on your articles by installing the Stateclip.

If you think you’re ready…

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